Saturday, January 8, 2011

A bit of Brazil in wintertime Brooklyn

I submitted myself to a Brazilian wax treatment on Friday to bring a smile to the face of a new gentleman friend of mine who returns tomorrow from a month-long sabbatical to Southern California, (where said style is highly concentrated in particular valleys.)

Readers concerned with my emotional well-being and feminists have no need to fret that this action was a reaction to a demand or request. Be assured that I would not tolerate a placer of that kind of order. I am simply trying out new ideas in this new year.

For those who have never had the pleasure of this experience, well you see, it's like this: [please enjoy this SFW video]

I was under no misguided impression it would not be like that so yea...I must really like this guy. In any case, I haven't seen him in about a month, nor heard his voice, but we've been in touch via several textual forms of communication. Given that I've gone through the above, I hope that upon his return, I still find his existence to be enjoyable and that I was not just tripping, as it were.

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