Saturday, August 28, 2010

Brooklyn has been counted, now I am back

I've got great news for lovers of my love life. My job with the Department of Commerce, U.S. Census 2010 will be ending in the near-term, giving me more time for dates, more time for their documentation, and (here is where you come in,) more blog. Congratulations to all of you.

What does this mean? Basically more gory details about my new gentleman friend and our interactions delivered here. As you may recall, I once posted daily. You have this sort of frequency to look forward to. I know you, the reader, relish gory details, and thus I apologize to you for my overt omission and over-all vagueness to-date on this particular battle front. My vagueness with regards to my current relationship can be explained in short, by said gentleman's continued attachment to a second gentlewoman, who is currently engaged in humanitarian pursuits on a different continent. One gentleman, two gentlewomen, renders neither him nor me gentle at all. Many tears over my many fears continue to be shed.

Those reading this with a stake in my integrity and/or personal happiness will be horrified by the above information. I urge you to recall what it means to be in love. Please take these intangibly expressed feelings manifested in reckless abandon into consideration before expressing your condemnation below.

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