Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Chaperone is French for no one is getting laid tonight

My friend asked me to join him and a new OkCupid lady friend last night for a drink. He left us alone to go to the rest room about a minute after she and I shook hands, so for lack of anything else to say, I was compelled to let her know that 1) I am aware they met on the Internet, and 2) I am cool with that.

He expressed in advance a solid interest in the girl so it was great that things only got thoroughly awkward twice. Once during his impassioned defense of Hitler’s intellectual capacity, and once during her sincere expression of disappointment on finding out that his profile’s most romantic claims (i.e. interest in cloud gazing) are examples of a comedic device known as sarcasm.

Two thoroughly awkward moments in one hour is an excellent track record and it is my understanding that they are hanging out right now.


  1. The eternal dilemma: will she find you more attractive hip and witty or sincere and romantic?