Sunday, October 3, 2010

More of a Princeton girl myself

A new dating service, DateHarvardSQ matches Harvard men with "discerning" paying female customers. Apparently founders Beri Meric and Philipp Triebel believe there are enough Harvard fetishists the world over who will pay $20 monthly to avoid use search engines on those "more cumbersome dating sites." They are right. It can be very tiring to do all that work yourself. All that typing of the word "Harvard" into a search field, all that hitting enter. No wonder those other sites are free.

If the planet Earth is still a reasonable place to inhabit, the best these entrepreneurs should hope for is a Mark Zuckerberg to come steal their shitty idea and turn it into a not shitty one, so that in ten years time Hollywood will dramatize the injustice using visually palatable actors.

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