Thursday, February 4, 2010

Another Important Survey

Not that my faith in online dating is strong enough that I think this is truly a legitimate concern, but suppose I met the love of my life in the next month? I’ve encountered a new set of hotties in the last few days, and if I schedule enough dates with them, it is not impossible. In addition to saying goodbye to my friends and family and home of eight years, I would also have to leave the stud muffin behind here in this city, right during the throes of our honeymoon. That would be an annoying outcome.

Which means I have a conundrum that I am going to let you the readers figure out for me.

Choose your own favorite online dating blogger’s adventure:

Does she...

A) ...Refrain from Internet dating until she is on new soil and dedicate the next few weeks to more mature activities like job applications...
B) ...Throw herself headlong into dates with absurd choices, like people who list John Mayer under “what’s in my ipod right now”...
C)...Practice status quo by arranging dates with only potentially hyper-literate dreamboats, running the risk of saying bye-bye to Woody Allen in Adrien Brody’s body...

Please vote in the comments section below my darlings.


  1. C! You will never find Mr. Right without a little risk.

  2. C) because what else am i going to read at work? or maybe B) for humor's sake... fine: D) Both B) and C).

  3. b! have you seem john mayers twitter??

  4. C!

    By the by, I have just exited the online dating world, having snagged myself (or been snagged by) a bon-a-fied girlfriend. But I didn't meet her online. It was a very traditional, meet-in-school sort of thing. Though the online dating thing was a lot of fun, I must admit.

  5. Brewmasters often find themselves stuck in a similar place. Sure, we can brew that delicious IPA now, but then we have to carry around the fermenter bucket wherever we move to next! We don't want to ruin the batch, so its a bitch to take care of...all kinds of careful maneuvers and gently nudging. Then again, we also don't want to wait a month to move just to start the brewing process over. There's nothing worse, in brewing or love, than lost time. I say date with reckless abandon...there's no crying over spilled wert, but it's boring as hell being sober and alone.

  6. C...would you really wanna spank a dude while listening to Maroon 5?


  7. Thanks voters. Thanks for not sending me to the terrible date gallows. BTW, Maroon 5 was a soundtrack for intimate moments with a particular college boyfriend with particularly lame tastes.