Monday, February 1, 2010

Brief notes from my vacation

Sometimes my non-online life is compelling enough that I can go several days in a row without going on any online dates, responding to any of the notes I receive from strangers, or thinking much about the subject of meeting strangers online. Such a vacation happened this weekend. I apologize to any avid readers of the Online Dater's Club for my popularity. Having prefaced with this, I am sure you are all wondering what kind of weekend I had. I would love to tell you, but I think I would like to retain some shreds of dignity as a private citizen. Online birds and bees activity, despite its modern nature, has become ironically in my case, a celebration of the traditional date. Real life is not quite that, and this blog is a family establishment.

Speaking of real life, the two biggest fans of this blog seem to be the two ex-boyfriends with whom I socialize. I can't wait to meet the next future enthusiast of my documentation of how I fill the void in my life caused by their eventual, inevitable absence.

And on the subject of blogs, today I showed my grandfather how to set up his own. "Awwww," said the public.


  1. I am the biggest fan of this blog!

  2. Oh brother...what is Grandpa's blog about?

    --Your brother

  3. Typical Grandpa - Fannie Mae f-ing over the "little guy." I highly doubt he has updated the blog since February 1 when I wrote this post.