Monday, February 15, 2010

This blog is so vain, it probably knows that I'm blogging about it

The reading from the blog at The Fridge DC last night went off without a hitch. No one booed me and I even got some laughs of the appropriately timed variety. The problem with letting me get on a stage though is that it winds me up and makes me attention hungry. Today I wore a miniskirt with pantyhose and took a long walk through the ice and snow. Given the recent conditions, female human legs were an unanticipated sight, especially shocking for those who don’t have access to this kind of thing at home. Attention hunger aside, the sum verbalization of non-creepy appreciation for my exposure was a testament to the public service nature of my deed.

Speaking of public service, I apologize to those readers who liken my reportage from the front-lines of the online dating battlefield to the work of NPR, as this post has very little to do with the appointed topic of the blog, but is rather largely self-referential commentary on the rising success of the blog.

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