Monday, April 12, 2010

There's no place like home (page)

Saturday I went on a surprise date with a person met without the aid of computer technology. It was a surprise even to me, the inviter because only at the last crucial moment did I have the gumption to do the inviting. I nearly aborted mission when I realized I had to ask this guy to hang out with me in front of an audience called my coworkers. I assume my fellowship of Census administrative clerks knew what was going on since I’ve never invited anyone anywhere during the two arduous weeks since my return to office life. Also I think they were all witness to the hearts floating out of my head all day.

In any case, the young man accepted and we spent the afternoon and evening together. Since our match potential was not quantified by a percentage system on a dating website, we were left to discover our compatibility on our own over the course of the afternoon. It had all the elements of a romantic encounter. In a park we drank gin out of Styrofoam cups and spontaneously recited a Robert Frost poem at sunset. Despite ample opportunity, he didn’t even go so far as to touch my kneecap or anything. Meeting people in real life is hard. I am going to retreat to my online operations where everything makes sense…


  1. you mean "online operations where everyone wants to screw?" which makes sense.
    i'm sorry if your mother is reading this.
    is he a co-worker? eek!

  2. I think my mom has lost her attention span with regards to my dating life. haha. Mom are out there?!?!

    Yes a coworker. It's okay, I've only gotten 3 or 4 questions from other coworkers about the quality of the date.