Thursday, April 29, 2010

Good night JDate

This week, I received an email from my mother titled "I canceled your Jdate subscription." She writes:

"now you can use the website to browse only. hope you are not upset but you did not seem too excited about j date and I dont want to continue to pay for it. hope you are not brokenhearted but you will have to find fodder for your blog elsewhere."

Mom was pissed at Jdate for their auto renewal policy. Apparently they'd been charging her for the last several months without her okay. Her interactions with customer service were not pleasant and involved requesting to speak to managerial level staff. A few weeks ago, I submitted a writing sample to a Jdate blog competition on the theme of my mother's undying support and encouragement of my meeting strange Jewish men from the Internet. If the billing department ever takes lunch with the blog department, and they get to discussing my case, my nose will grow to a perfectly big size for Jdate. If I was still a member.

Though I used a lot of negative terminology to describe my experience with the site over the last few months, and was not sad to see my relationship with this particular web product expire, there was one mentionable casualty as a result of this event. The day before my mother ended my membership, I was contacted by a man displaying potential. But that happens to me like 10 times a day on OkCupid. So no great loss.

As for meeting men who are specifically Jewish, I am going to Israel next week on an organized group trip. Ten days on a sweaty bus with 30 of them, may have me running scared back into the arms of lapsed Catholics.


  1. lapsed catholics is where it's at. are where it's at. (?)

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