Monday, April 5, 2010

Why is a first date different from all other nights?

What I’ve offered my readers has been altogether a too-gloomy treatment of dating. I am a hedonist. I am obviously enjoying myself. For those who saw my calendar, they know it was a busy week for Club Online Dating. Three human males. One weekend. Sounds like a tag line for a romantic comedy film I would like to be the protagonist of.

One date that was supposed to go down this week was with a guy who is notable on a few fronts. We spotted and wrote each other simultaneously. In real life or online, if you are a romantic, that’s the stuff. Also, this happened five weeks ago, and we still have never met in real life. Considering I’ve met 13 people in 18 weeks, that is a rather long prelude. All this aside, I have been made suddenly disinterested by him. Was it something he said? Why yes. He casually suggested that we meet for the first time on my couch to watch a movie and eat Chinese food.

For this I present to you, Two Questions for first dates.

Why is a first date different from all other nights?

Why on the first date do we wait at least a few hours before inviting people from the Internet to our home?
Why on the first date do we prefer conversation over audiovidual entertainment?

Loyal readers may remember the cataloguing of situations I have put myself in that were potentially dangerous. Something about those instances did not give me the heebie-jeebies. I remember an article my mom read once 10 years ago that said heebie-jeebies are a good thing to pay attention to because it is connected to our survival instincts.

And now a new feature:

Dating Hint of the Day: do not say in your profile you are good at making sarcastic remarks. This is sincerely a sure sign you are not.

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