Thursday, January 28, 2010

I'm sorry but we had many qualified applicants...

One of the many statistics OkCupid displays in a user’s profile is how often they reply when other users message them. One of the latest emails to hit my inbox was prefaced like a college applicant’s reach school essay. “I see that you only reply selectively but…” It feels swell to be the m-f-ing Harvard University of online dating…(well to be honest I may be more like a Swarthmore or a Cornell.)

Perhaps it was a subconscious effort to give the blog some pizazz or perhaps it was poor judgment, but tonight I gave a reach applicant a shot. While acute social awkwardness can be forgiven in certain contexts, tonight’s date did not meet the criteria for a pass. His brand of awkward, which was extreme to say the least, was not amusing, calculated, charming or accompanied by genius. The date clocked in at an hour and half long, which was all I could muster. Alternately bored and depressed, I was always polite.

Needless to say I survived and am here to tell you the tale. Huzzah. Unfortunately one manifestation of his awkwardness was the inability to gauge my disinterest which means I have a pending rejection letter to author.

Also, he had chopped off all his hair since the photos were taken. Deceit.

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