Thursday, September 9, 2010

A fatty makes new friends

The work schedule that kept me busy on nights and weekends and my flirtation with dating a person from real life spared me the horrors of the creepy world of OkCupid for a spell. I find myself less bold now. To have strange encounters with a strange person I will see once seems to require a social muscle set that has atrophied. This is a good thing however. This muscles-of-a-human-male-graph illustrates the way this social muscle set became overdeveloped before the hiatus:

As you can see I am a bit disgusted by the excess. Disgusted or not however, nostalgia has me using the site to a degree. At first I was discouraged by the quality of the individuals contacting me, but over the past few days I've been extremely popular with a highly diverse group of nearsighted, Jewish intellectual New York natives in their mid-20s. But would they like me in real life? Like a friend at work who lied about his weight to an online pen pal, I am pictured 12 pounds lighter than I am today. The ever expanding Online Daterette herby declares September to be Anorexia Appreciation Month. All proceeds will be devoted to the Online Date Profile Accuracy Project.

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