Monday, March 8, 2010

Die Jdate membership, die

Today I learned that I have Internet dating to thank for my living situation. My predecessor was quickly engaged after three months of courtship to her OkCupid boyfriend. Ah winter hibernation love. For the sake of this blog, you should all hope my bedroom is not haunted by an itch to marry strangers from the Internet prematurely

Well one site we can all be assured I won’t meet any future husbands on is JDate. Thank you to my mother again for membership funding, but a waste of money I would like to reiterate. Everyone on Jdate, even the ones who I find physically attractive, and pictured in cool sweaters, argue socially conservatively principles with me, nitpicking at me for the few and far between glimmers of leftiness I display in my otherwise apolitical profile. Their ideology is tinged with snottiness and their presumption that I seek the approval of a stranger from the Internet is gross.

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