Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Facebook Private Eye: Quiet As a Mouse Click

One of the most excellently amazing fun aspects of the Internet age as it relates to dating is that your friends can investigate your suitors from the comfort of their own computer terminals. Take off your trench coats and sunglasses; there is no specialized espionage training necessary. Never is such investigation more convenient than if a friend belongs to the same online dating service as you. Today a friend and I traded the OkCupid profile names of boys we have gone out with and liked. It had the giddy feel of middle school dance chatter, and since we are in the same dating pool it may have also been an implicit marking of territory.

They do not call this the Online Daters’ Club for nothing. And by “they” I suppose I mean “I”.

For those not on OkCupid, there is always investigation in the form of Facebook. After you pass the two-date mark with a gentleman from an online dating site, a budding Facebook friendship is formed. Curiosity seekers called ex-boyfriends use this social networking tool to check stats like the suitor’s hotness relative to their own, and the number of FB friends they might have in common.

Speaking of exes, the one tacitly referred to above would like me to find happiness, or, given the nature of his self-involvement, would find happiness in taking credit for me finding happiness. He referred an acquaintance of his to me. I’m not sure what the fella’s intentions were or are, but he interestingly enough, despite our friend in common, wrote to me over a communication tool loaded with meaning called OkCupid. I remain uncertain if this should count in the "dates attended" tally to the right, but last night we had a beer.

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