Thursday, March 4, 2010

Online Date Bloggers Without Borders

I apologize to my readership for the delay between blog posts. As it turns out, preparing for a move is distracting and time consuming. First there is the partying, then there is the packing and then there is shipping of yourself off to a new land.

Eager to get back into the swing of things so far as this blog is concerned, my first night as a resident of New York City was spent in part trolling the Internet for strangers to meet. Sounds pretty lame but I am tired, have a big weekend with kids I know in real life to look forward to, and as it just so happens, love Internet dating very much. Furthermore, if real life mimics the Internet experience in this geographic space, I will fall in love several times a minute here in New York.

...and now for something completely different:

Several friends of mine have said they are "not ready" for Internet dating. As though joining an online dating site is both waving a white flag, and part of their sad inevitable future. As a proud Internet dater I advise these individuals to put their foolish, misplaced pride aside.

P.S. do you guys all think I'm a loser for using the Internet to meet strangers?

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  1. Go out and explore,but be cautious the next time.Learn from previous mishaps or better yet why not go online for dating?Less effort but with limitless possibilities.