Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Has Person 1 gone on a date recently?

I have found myself employed by U.S. Census 2010 full-time + in an office that is absolutely window-free and comes with none of the standard Internet surfing privileges afforded to the typical white collar worker. Party over. The census operates nearly 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and on my first shift, I worked until precisely 3:45 am with nary a google mail thread to distract me from productivity.

Me and my coworkers crunching data so that you count, or whatever.

While I have been careful not to let the alarming reduction of free time compromise my ability to go on dates, I have struggled to find the time to write about the experiences. An unfortunate backlog for a particular unmarried, single, white female residing in state 36, County 047 has occurred.

But this is not a blog about excuses about not blogging about dating, but rather a blog about dating. So with no further ado it is my pleasure to inform my readership what has transpired romantically since my last report: Thanks to the mysterious algorithmic calculations of OkCupid’s, I met someone I was inspired to see again. I believe there is a possibility I will break my two-date record with strangers from the Internet and perhaps see him a third time.

Which begs the question - when is a stranger from the Internet no longer a stranger?

On our first date, I took a leap of faith that he was not a dismemberer of just-raped human flesh and allowed him to pick me up in his car and drive me off to a remote location called Staten Island so we could simultaneously discover what it is they do in the forgotten borough. As you may have ascertained by the existence of this post, my inclinations regarding his non-murderer status were entirely correct! Additionally we were compatible in other ways and had a simply marvelous time feeling culturally superior (in a refreshingly not pretentious manner) to the entire island.

Staten Island scene

Then we came back to Brooklyn and went bowling.

His knowledge of the Online Daters’ Club is a testament to his cool-cattitude. I feel confident that the degree of his fondness for me, (an unknown), is immaterial to his support of the continued existence of this blog in its present form.

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