Thursday, March 11, 2010

What is this salty discharge?

Whoa! So I am actually, uh, like offended by something a stranger from the Internet has said to me. With regards to what neighborhood I live in, I present the following one-liner response:

“Bushwick might as well be DC to me. Can't get there from Cobble Hill.”

I actually felt a little pang when I read that. I know, I know, allowing for sensations of sadness/happiness is diametrically opposed to my entire online dating philosophy. And I never even met this guy or anything. I don’t know where that emotional response came from, but given the amount of snubs I have delivered, I suppose this sort of thing was my karmic due.

“Can’t” get there. Haha. Asshole.

Wanting to know what “Can’t” means, I ran a Google map search and learned that it would take 45 minutes via train or bus to travel from his neighborhood to mine. I guess I live my life under the assumption that I am compelling enough to travel 45 minutes for on a method of transport that allows you to read at the same time.

In DC, I would have ruled out anyone north and west of the zoo, or outside of the district line. But that was not due to inaccessibility or length of travel time really, but rather a product of my geographic-based prejudgment of them and their probable douche bag-ness.

I think Elaine Benes once dumped a guy because she didn't want to have to switch trains more than once to see someone. So maybe there's a lot I need to learn about dating in a megapolis. But in the mean time, let's move on from that unpleasant business and get to the point of this blog post.

I had my first NYC date. Once again my Internet-based impressions of my Internet date did not match the reality confronting me. He was not frat-boy or hippie-like and had some funny things to say. I found the evening to be pleasant enough, and he, brimming with ideas for activities for us to participate in together, seems enthusiastic about seeing me again. I am unsure of my desire to make out with him though and you can’t just meet up with people unless you want to make out with them. This much I know is certain.

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