Sunday, March 14, 2010


I have become since the launch of this blog a tireless champion of online dating and a destroyer of the taboos associated with this modern method of romance. I also toot the horn of OkCupid so often that I should go pro and look into compensation for my endorsement of their (amazing) product.

Because I so openly discuss my sex-life, my occasional love-life, and my awkward-conversation-with-strangers-life, there is a mythology that I am something of an expert in all the above matters. I am not one to shy away from accolades. In fact I welcome positive attention in all its many forms. So if you have any questions, about anything at all I invite you to ask away. Please use the comments section below. I will answer in the order in which they are asked.

Dr. Ruth and I have more in common than just amazingly overt correction of vision


  1. Had any luck with

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  3. How many times have you had a touchdown by meething a person on these sites? Operation el spank-o?

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  5. Dear Daterette,

    I have so many questions for you! Please answer any that you see fit:

    1. Who is your favorite coworker (past or present) of all time?

    2. What is the best concert you have ever been to?

    3. Where did you think you would be in ten years, when you were 16?

    4. Do you have any sworn mortal enemies?

    5. If you could be a spokesperson for any online dating site, which one would you choose?

    6. What did you think of's heavy-handed product placement in the new Lady Gaga & Beyonce video for Telephone?

    7. What is the worst date you have ever been on?

    8. What is the best date you have ever been on?

    9. What should I do if I want to be like you when I grow up?

    10. What are your top fashion dos and don'ts for a first date?

  6. Dear Daterette,

    I am dealing with a very sensitive issue. I'm recently engaged (let's call my fiance "Rahim" for the sake of anonymity). With so many fish in the sea, as your most recent blog declares, how do I really know that "Rahim" is the one?

    Confused on T--er----um---C Street.