Friday, December 25, 2009

The best $90 she ever spent

Would you believe my mother's ambitions for project Jdate have nothing to do with this blog? For her it is a down-payment on a grandchild. "This will be the best $90 I ever spent," she said rubbing her hands together gleefully as she watched me create my profile. She smiled broadly as I sent my first note to a guy with a Jew-fro: "your hair is lovely."

gallery of jfros representing the 3 things I desire in a life partner: artistic, funny, fit

You see, ever since I shared my thoughts with her about sexuality being a spectrum, she has lived in fear I will settle down toward the other end of it. (Incidentally, neither Match nor JDate believe in spectrums(?!)). Me living in eternal bliss with a woman means less chance of a grandchild and comprehensive marriage benefits. Nightmare scenario.

I hope to put her investment toward good use so that when my partner and I go bankrupt, we may do so jointly.

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