Thursday, December 24, 2009

The Darndest Thing

It seems statistically impossible that a dozen guys in combat gear are writing, winking at, and hotlisting me (hotlisting is another way of showing one’s love in the online dating world). Yet it is so. Are there mystical forces at play here, encouraging these military men en masse to contact a left-wing Jew who makes exclusively weird remarks in her profile? If it is fate, fate sure has a funny sense of humor. One that resembles that of the producers of Blind Date.

Speaking of which, attentive readers of the Crunching of the Date-A feature on this blog, may have noticed that I have a pending social engagement with a gentleman who I have not yet observed 3-dimensionally. I was not in favor of engineering an episode that ends in awkward silence and crossed arms though. Instead, my aim is for that rare Blind Date experience that either make you say “Aw, how cute,” or “those two are going to make out for sure.”

I am thankful that there will not be a camera crew following us as there would be no guarantee that the material edited and thought bubbled, would make me seem as awesome as possible. R. Lodge would say "Can this Wall Street Exec take on the task of socializing with a socialist?"

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