Monday, December 21, 2009

A Dreadful Mistake

My ex-boyfriend just informed me that he's heard Match.Com is the online dating service of choice "for philistines/douches" and that his current girlfriend was saying that OkCupid is "the hipster one." Thanks team.

I guess I made a dreadful mistake. Is there a term for when douche bags point at themselves for photo opportunities?

OkCupid is also free(ish, there are pay tiers but basic membership includes basic dating rights).

Herein lies the conundrum. I have these six unread emails on Match (I was able to read the seventh because it was sent from a super ultra to the max premium member whose account is so powerful that even pauper freegan online daters can read his correspondence at no additional charge.)


A) Do I assume I've got six full-fledged members of the db community trying to reach me and bail, never looking back?
B) Do I ask myself - "but what if?" and pay for one month of membership to access the <3 notes.

If at least 3 people take the poll, I will convey the results in a pie graph.

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