Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Local woman goes on date

I just went on what they call a "date." I am going to have to come clean with where I encountered this fella because it was not on Match, not on JDate and not in real life. I joined Onion Personals many moons before this blog was even a twinkle in my eye. I had even already met two nice gents through the site. If I'd have mentioned this bit from the start though, you would have been made aware that some of my reasons for hanging out with complete strangers from the Internet are pure and well-intentioned.

Onion Review: The HTML on the Onion Personals hasn't been updated since the Clinton administration, and while it is a less populated site than some of its rivals, its strength lies in the fact I am repulsed by the people who contact me on the Onion approximately one tenth as often as on the other sites.
A blooming onion

Onion Anecdote: The date and I can't find the onion we need for the meal we're preparing though he's convinced he had just bought one. I run to the store to get a new onion. Later, we sit on the porch and eat, and what do I see out in the yard but an onion. Musta fallen out of his bag. Weird huh, onion lost and regained. Onion featured prominently in narrative arc of date. Onion date. hello!

That was an old date that went well enough. Tonight's date went well, as well.

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