Saturday, January 9, 2010

Can you please remind me your name?

Tomorrow I attend an as of yet unplanned experience that I will refer to in the system of nomenclature I've developed: Male 4, Date 1. My darling readers, you have been patient long enough. After this date, I will satiate your curious appetites with all the notable specifics.

Beyond keeping you interested in the blog, the logging of the date details will serve a practical purpose for me, the prolific Online Daterette who has a tendency to confuse the complex thoughts, desires, professions, and life stories of the many humans I am constantly juggling. For example, it was incorrect of me to ask Male 3 on Date 2 if he, as a vegetarian was okay with the menu options of an Irish pub, when on Date 1 we shared a beef dish. Alas it was Male 2 who made us leave a restaurant with delicious food on the coldest night of the year because he was "experimenting" with vegetarianism. While this was a benign error, it alerted me to faux pas potential of irreparable proportions.

Prolific daters with a penchant for the style of mix-ups aforementioned

I now ordain this blog an encyclopedia of dates for future avoidance of seeming like an inattentive asshole.

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