Monday, January 18, 2010

SWF seeks OCD intern for ODC blog

On my date last night with my friend from Jimmy V’s, we managed to find things to flap our yaps about for a solid four-and-a-half hours. (I would love to be a person in a restaurant listening in on one of my dates. I shamelessly find myself terribly interesting.) Of course, he will soon be reading these words because this yap don’t know how not to flap and now he is aware of the URL to this blog. While this was poor form and perhaps outside the parameters of a more intelligent undercover blogger, it felt completely appropriate to discuss the Online Dater's Club with him as one of the topics we covered extensively on our Internet date was Internet dates. He’s been on “millions” of such meetings and had some insightful commentary about this business. For example, OkCupid used to be a lot more brutal even and members on the home page were greeted with the text "welcome loser." But He digs the online scene and I am proud of him for having such a loose definition of fun.

Not that I'm not having fun. The past few days I’ve felt very validated as a human. For some reason my inboxes have been blowing up uncontrollably. On the other hand this is stressing me out. It is hard enough being social in real life with people from real life, and on the Internet with people from my real life, but now I am also some kind of belle of the ball material with people from the Internet on the Internet, and with people from the Internet in real life. It is a struggle to keep it all straight and I am thinking I must convince accredited educational institutions to accept a student’s secretarial internship with me for a social sciences credit.

In a parallel universe where the Online Dater's Club gets an intern, desired applicants would be organized, proficient with the Microsoft Office Suite, and empathetic to the (albeit limited in scope and size) emotional roller coaster I ride as an online date blogger.

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