Friday, January 8, 2010

An entrepreneurial venture presents itself

A friend mentioned she could use my advice when writing her online dating profile. My initial reaction was alarm. I don’t want to help my friends falsely advertise themselves! Their dates will be mislead to believe they are getting involved with some kind of wise guy. But we worked out these concerns and worked out her profile to retain her authentic voice (sans the inclusion of a Jane Austen love fest which I was able to convince her was a no no).

Seem like there is some business potential here. While I won’t be charging any of my friends for this service, if there are any strangers out there who would like some assistance, be in touch. I charge $25 for the online date profile of your dreams and you will retain all intellectual property rights on my amazing thoughts. Not a bad deal!

Speaking of profiles and their analysis, OkCupid has a one-to-five star system of rating fellow members. Well I just rated a bevy of individuals and realized that I gave a guy simply wearing a NASA t-shirt a higher rating than a guy who works for NASA. The NASA employee was hot and like could potentially be sent to outer space, which is really hot but he listed Robin Williams as his favorite stand-up comedian. Untenable.

World's sexiest space cadet


  1. your writing is hilarious and i hope you keep this up. maybe with more details on each of the dates you attend? -- helen

  2. The Online DateretteJanuary 9, 2010 at 11:08 AM

    Helen - I have responded to your comment with a blog post.

  3. much appreciated! you have a devoted reader in me. - h

  4. I have heard about at least one business that does what you mention here, though it apparently specializes only in "geeks":

  5. hahahah Caroline that's wonderful, maybe I'll corner the "nerd" market