Thursday, January 21, 2010

A non-fictional account of my yesterday night

In the interest of not being the next James Frey, I am going to have to disappoint you all with truth. My date last night was not some major ideological battle with a prepster who is on a mission to widen my pants and reduce the size of my glasses. He was very accepting of my actual existence and our engaging discussion revealed that our similarities were far greater than our differences. I suppose I suspected all along that this banal turn of events would be the case, nevertheless, several times throughout the date, I lamented to myself how this easygoing compatibility would ruin the narrative arc of my blog.

I suppose there is a lesson in this that we should have been aware of all along. Our online selves are not ourselves. Though maybe I could do more research in this regard and see Avatar on an upcoming date.

Speaking of upcoming dates – I have one tomorrow with a former member of a band that people have actually heard of. This will involve bagel consumption and might be my first non-alcoholic first date activity since 1999.


  1. See?? I told you he would turn out to be nicer than you thought. You should not discriminate against guys from the "nicer" side of town. And by the way, there is NO olive garden that I know of anywhere near where you or this guy come from.
    -an older woman who knows (better?)

  2. I don't remember you going on any dates in 1999.

    --Your Brother

  3. Now listen, I most certainly did go on dates in 1999. I had a boyfriend. We held hands sometimes. I think once we watched a movie on the living room couch and our shoulders touched.