Friday, January 15, 2010

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Let me start by saying that last night was a fun date. Kids. Fun – there you go an adjective. A detail if you will.

When you meet up with a stranger from the Internet, there is that awkward moment where you are unsure that the person in front of you and the person whose thumbnail image you’ve been viewing over the past few days are one and the same. So I always approach timidly with the sexy introduction of – “hi are you uh…. are you - so and so?” and for two seconds I worry my heart out that it is not my date and that this non-date knows that I am asking because they somehow resemble the stranger from the Internet I am meeting. This nightmarish scenario was not played out last night.

All conversations with Internet people take a bit to ease into. There is initial concern always that the other party is disappointed somehow with your actual person-hood. And then there is the matter of what to talk about. Well, we did fine there. First we got into some heavy metaphysical business. It was an intriguing discussion of much intellectual merit.

And then…we generally just partay-ed. You know what I’m saying. Partay! We as a team befriended the northern Columbia Heights bar fly community, developing the same breed of camaraderie with these people as that of the over eager pack of college freshman.Extensively optimistic promises to be bffs with them were made around the outside heat lamp and I think we agreed to a pipe dream brunch with them on Sunday.

But this was an interesting turn of events. Suddenly it made us the old friends, and these other strangers the actual strangers.

Speaking of giant casts of characters - one of the new bffs is this real life tv star!

Internet dating is fun. But you don’t have to take my word for it.

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